Arcadia is a place...

Filled with utopian desires, a place you can feel good while obtaining eco friendly items. A vision of harmony with nature, and a vision of unspoiled wilderness. 
Arcadia strives to be in harmony with nature and gives back where it can. We all have a responsibility to reduce human impact. Using only sustainable fabrics and materials that can go straight into your compost.  This is just the start, little by little we can make a change for the better. Come join our Arcadia family and let's help the planet together in style. 

Here at Arcadia...
We want longer lasting fabrics, less waste and to create timeless sustainable pieces you can wear with a clear conscience. We are about quality over quantity. Say yes to slow sustainable style.

Arcadia is well thought of and designed in Victoria, Australia.

Designed and owned by a mother of two who is just trying to do her bit for this place we call home. 


By Bronte May x