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A Vision of Unspoiled Wilderness.

Written By Tink, 3 Little gentlemen raised by a gypsy queen.

Ahh, unspoiled wilderness. Imagine… the empaths and mindful collective who respect Mother Earth and know the magic of her powers, disconnecting from the chaos we’ve been told is a life well lived to delve into the realms of nature. Living by the beach our Shinrin-yoku takes in the rugged coastline. The whistling of the wind, crashing waves on the shoreline and the crunching of the bush under your feet as you wander within. It takes away all of life’s worries and nothing else matters whilst your within her care.

But not everyone is enlightened, and most are yet to truly embark and process where we are headed. If we don’t start shifting our perceptions of a life well-lived, the chaos and greed will destroy her… To those with vested interests in keeping the status quo, environmental impacts are not so much denied however when challenged, answers talk with seemingly benign discussion of offsetting targets and economic growth. Many are grieving the latest shock; the expectation that government would move in a proactive direction. We may not have a sustainable government in power pushing the agenda, but there’s a flickering light of hope in the distance.

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