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How to recycle jewellery.

Unfortunately our jewellery is not compostable, so here are a few creative ways you can recycle or reuse our jewellery products once your finished with them.

~The first and most obvious one is pass it on, pass it on to someone you think would get plenty of wear out of it, wrap it up as a gift or give it to a child that enjoys playing dress ups.

~Secondhand/Thrift stores love to take second hand and low value items off your hands.

~Add them to your craft supplies box or your husbands tackle box.

~Make new pieces out of your old jewellery, use the beads to create a new bracelet or necklace.

Please note our jewellery bags are compostable and made from recycled materials. They are also great for your wardrobe or drawer filled with potpourri.

Compostable jewellery bags, made from recycled materials.

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